Friday, February 15, 2013

Patio Heaters- The Source of Heat for Outdoor Space

Patio heaters are used in outdoor places as a source of heat. Earlier, not many varieties of the heaters were available as then only gases were used to keep outdoor patio heaters warm for a long time. However, now users can operate the heaters using electrical energy as well.

The heater works in a particular way to generate energy and to keep you warm even when you are seated in the midst of snowflakes. However, if you care for the surrounding and want to make it pollution free then it is better to opt for the natural gas heater because the constant burning of LPG gas (used as an energy source for the patio heaters) proves harmful for nature. A good quality heater that operates using natural gases can generate 46000 BTU (British thermal unit) of heat that is equivalent to one generated by other gases but neither propane nor butane is good to use as there are uncountable effects of these gasses. To Reduce Cost: However, not all have enough budgets to opt for the outdoor patio heaters that use natural gas as a source of energy. Gas based patio heaters are thus good for them because these are available in wide ranges and suit your budget and heating needs easily.

Gas based outdoor heaters are available at the low cost of $100 but price range can extend up to $2000 as well. Moreover, users prefer these devices because they do not need to spend much to maintain the heaters. When you need to use the heaters at regular basis then also you can benefit from the gas based ones because butane and propane are easily available than natural gases. Using the Heaters: As you choose a particular model of the propane patio heaters to reduce cost of maintenance similarity it is important that you maintain the device thoroughly to make the most out of it.

You can follow the simple method to operate outdoor patio heater successfully. First, you have to choose a firm and flat surface to place the natural gas patio or regular patio outdoor. Mount the device near the gas line to get enough supply of gases. Then manage the voltage, checking the instruction manual given with the outdoor heaters . Then to set the heater at low-level press the red button and the heating element inside will start to heat the device automatically. You will see another red switch on the left of the control switch. Always use it to set the heater at medium level. Finally, if you want to use the heater at a high level then you have to use both the buttons.

 Be careful about the uses of these switches and try to operate the patio heater at medium range only. Selecting neither too low nor to high range is good for the machine. To Buy Patio Heaters: To buy patio heaters, you have to consider two important facts. The first thing is your budget and second is the purpose of using the heater. In case of the tight budget, using the gas based one, especially the propane patio heater is a better option. However, if your budget is flexible then you can use the heaters that use natural gases to create perfect ambience in both commercial and residential places.